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SEO Specialist in Bangladesh | How to Optimize a Website properly

SEO Specialist in Bangladesh

SEO Specialist in Bangladesh

MR SAMSUL HUDA | SEO Specialist in Bangladesh who has vast and valid world class SEO experience in local and international arena regarding Digital Internet Marketing such as SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM, Amazon Affiliate Marketing, SEO friendly Website Development, On-Page, Off-Page Optimization. Basically, I’m highly experienced about Latest SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and know how to promote a business globally within very short amount of time. I know all of the major Search Engine update and how to fix the On-page and Off-page issue to rank your website.

My Expertise is below:

  • Keyword research
  • SEM for organic search Engine Positioning.
  • Suge revel in running with keyword studies & evaluation.
  • Pre-layout search engine optimization performance analysis & assessment.
  • Pre- & publish-SEO Competitor analysis & monitoring.
  • SEO Copywriting &Copyediting.
  • Markup Manipulation for search engine optimization.
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO).
  • Onsite and On page SEO.
  • Multilingual SEO.
  • Blogging.
  • Link building.
  • Website Analytics.
  • The use of SEM responsibilities Automation Tools.
  • Multilingual content material improvement for search Engine advertising (SEM).
  • E-mail advertising and marketing for local & global Markets.

How to Optimize a Website properly

My Opinion | SEO Specialist in Bangladesh

  • Use the targeted keyword perfectly. Do not excite the limit of keyword. Just follow the keyword density rules.My opinion it is going to be satisfactory in case you use 5-10% key-word on your particular article in a web page.Do now not push extra keyword on Meta key-word and Meta description in addition to web page name. You ought to follow the individual boundaries of every area.
  • Do try to over optimization with the aid of the use of reproduction content material all over the web page. attempt to make internal link on the whole site. One thing take into account Google always like unique and applicable content. some times search engine optimization expert announcing content is the king and link is the queen.continually target low competitor keyword and long tails key-word for the Meta key-word.
  • Do now not replica any content from some other web page. if you try this then Google will terrible marking for your website and your site will by no means display on the first web page on Google or others top listed search engine as nicely.
  • My opinion do not use any java script or Flash file . usually do not forget GIF or JPEG is greater search engine optimization friendly then Flash. we will convert flash animated brand into GIF layout. It does now not suggest that we are able to in no way use flash. if needed to use flash file then it must be embedded by way of JavaScript for search engine readable.
  • One things may be very crucial constantly preserve the key-word density. in case you violet the percentage of key-word density then your web site have a threat to kick out from the top listed seek engine for ever.
  • Always maintain a good content or article for your site relevant. don’t write any gurbage content material in your web site. it will be very harmfull and your website will by no means index on the main search engine. try and write huge article for the relevant topics. a while you can write 400-800 words in your service or product. Google or predominant seek engine like specific and bid article.

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