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Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Strategies | Top 5 “Don’ts” For SEO


Search Engine Optimisation is often considered a black art – but there is some straightforward Search Engine Optimization techniques that can make a difference.

SEO Tip 1. Newsletters and articles. A powerful Website Optimisation technique that assists Search Engine Optimisation is to offer articles and informative writing to e-zine publishers. Links often stay live in archives for years, maintaining your website optimization for searches.

SEO Tip 2. Multiple Domains. Search Engine Optimisation can be enhanced by having multiple domains if you have a range of topics that could justify their own website. Search Engine Optimisation can result in the listing of only one page per domain for any given search. A good website optimization tip is that you can get more directory listings by having more domains which improve your overall website optimization.

SEO Tip 3. Article Exchanges. Article exchanges are similar to link exchanges, only much more powerful, so great for Search Engine Optimisation. Giving and receiving high-quality links can really help with your Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO Tip 4. Titles For Links. A top Search Engine Optimisation tip is to title links using keywords and phrases as some search engines figure this into their relevancy for a page. This will help to maximize your website optimization.

SEO Tip 5. Sitemap. Large sites need a site map to maximize Website Optimisation, linked to and from every page on the site. A site map is an excellent Search Engine Optimisation tool. It enables search engine robots to locate every page in just two clicks. The navigation bar can also act as a site map proving a useful Search Engine Optimisation technique on small sites.

SEO Tip 6. Be bold. Using tags around some keywords on each page can improve website optimization. Don’t use them everywhere – this might undermine your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

SEO Tip 7. Deep Linking. Ensuring as many quality inbound links as possible is a powerful Search Engine Optimization technique. This indicates to the search engine that your content is worthwhile, helping with overall Website Optimization. Having links directed just to the home page suggests the value of the site content is largely superficial, or your links were generated automatically, which is not a sign of good website optimization.

SEO Tip 8. Emigrate. Look at Search Engine Optimization internationally. There are many directories for websites of companies based in other English language countries, America, Australia, Canada, South Africa for example. Could you use a business address in any of those countries to help with your website optimization?

SEO Tip 9. Get Text in there First. Another Search Engine Optimization tip is to make sure text links show up before image links in the source code. Search engine robots follow the first link they find to any particular page. They won’t follow additional links to the same page so it would be wasted web site optimization effort.

SEO Tip 10. Not anchor text. A Search Engine Optimization tip is to not rely too heavily on the anchor text. It can look like automation which isn’t helpful with website optimization. Search engines don’t like all your inbound links to look the same. Use your URL sometimes and your company name other times. “SEO consult Search Engine Optimization”, occasionally, “Search Engine Optimization by SEO consult” as well, “SEO consult Web Design and Search Engine Optimization” some other times, etc.

Top 5 “Don’ts” For Search Engine Optimization

Website optimization can have a significant impact on your search engine rankings. However, there are common pitfalls of poor search engine optimization which can cause the very opposite to occur. Check out our top 5 tips on how NOT to approach website optimization.

SEO Don’t Tip 1. Don’t just use the first keywords that spring to mind without checking their usefulness to Search Engine Optimization first.
Although you may think that “Mike’s Bikes” is the phrase you would like to see most often in your website because that is the name of your shop, the chances of anyone actually typing “mike’s bikes” into a search engine are low. However, if your keywords include “BMX bikes Glasgow” there is much more chance a search engine will find your optimized web page. There are several keyword tools online to aid website optimization.

SEO Don’t Tip 2. Don’t try cramming hundreds of keywords into your website’s written content. 
Rather than achieving good search engine optimization because you have many repetitions of the same word or phrase, this can very quickly result in the polar opposite of website optimization. The major search engines will recognize it as spam and drop you to the bottom of their list or ban you altogether. Your website will also be virtually unreadable to your customers so your attempts at website optimization will have been a waste of time.

SEO Don’t Tip 3. Don’t hide repetitions of your keywords behind pictures, off-screen or by making the text the same color as your background.
This will have the opposite effect of the website optimization you are trying to achieve. Search engine spiders will read your website as spam rather than as optimized and possibly blacklist you from their results. This is not an accepted method of ethical search engine optimization.

SEO Don’t Tip 4. Don’t use large amounts of Flash or Javascript in your site.
Search engines prefer to read the text and will look for that first. Employing good website optimization doesn’t mean you can’t have Flash or Javascript all, just that they are best limited to a small amount compared to text content to achieve maximum search engine optimization.

SEO Don’t Tip 5. Don’t think that once you have given your site a search engine optimization overhaul, that’s all you will ever have to do.
Website optimization is an ongoing process. Although major search engine optimization can be carried out over a short period of time, without regular updates and changes, your website will slip down the results pages again as search engines are drawn back to new content.

Key Methods for Website Optimisation

Organizations practicing Search Engine Optimisation can vary considerably in their techniques. Website Optimisation (SEO) for search engines can require working on so many unique elements that many practitioners of Search Engine Optimisation consider themselves to be in the broad field of Website Optimisation. However, search engines are the primary motivation for our Website Optimisation efforts, and any site that we work on can see benefits. Search Engine Optimisation (Search Engine Optimization) involves many aspects and one thing we strongly believe in is ethical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

All of our techniques follow the practices laid out in the Google Webmaster Guidelines and SEO Consult firmly believes through following any guidelines a search engine sets down, our Website Optimisation can only strengthen our clients’ website, and also our relationship with the client.

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