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How promote your podcast

Along with technical SEO and links, high-quality, interesting, engaging content is one of the three main pillars of any successful SEO strategy for how promote your podcast. Traditional content strategies use blog posts, articles, images, and sometimes video as the main sources of content. And while those can be awesome for driving traffic and supporting your SEO efforts, podcasts are an often overlooked and underestimated medium. Podcasts can build your brand and drive direct traffic, while at the same time adding rich content to your site and supporting your link-building efforts.

Obviously, you not just need to know how to use your podcasts for SEO, additionally how to rank well on the stages particular to podcasts. So whether you’re beginning or are a set up podcaster, read on for particular tips on the most proficient method to SEO how promote your podcast.

It’s all in the title

What does it take for your podcast to be found on iTunes and Google Play? It’s all in the title. The iTunes positioning calculation for podcasts places a substantial accentuation on the title of the podcast, notwithstanding components like aggregate number of endorsers and the aggregate number of audits for the podcast.

This means, while you need to have a title for your podcast which is convincing and intriguing, you shouldn’t have a title which is so dark or non-natural that it doesn’t clarify in clear dialect what your podcast is about. Make a point to incorporate your most vital watchwords in the title of your podcast. In the event that your show is as of now settled, you can do this by including a subtitle. For instance, if your show title is “A fifth Race Podcast,” and your show is about Stargate, you can ensure that you’re found by including a subtitle, for example, “An Unofficial Stargate Podcast.”

All things considered, a nonexclusively catchphrase rich title that is not particular or essential is likewise a non-starter. The title of your podcast ought to be something you are glad for. (Take note of that with marked podcast names, it is great to fuse catchphrase rich subtitles.) And while you would like to incorporate watchwords in your title and additionally subtitle, don’t attempt to stuff your creator tag with watchwords. Apple will get on and send you a note expressing that your creator tag isn’t illustrative of what really matters to your show.  Keep it clean, utilize the correct catchphrases where it really matters, and you ought to appear for significant hunt inquiries. On Google Play, your show’s portrayal (not singular scene depictions) is searchable also, so ensure you advance it, while as yet keeping the duplicate intriguing and convincing. (Talking about keeping it clean, if your show has swear words and is along these lines named as express in iTunes.

Improving your RSS channel

While the normal client doesn’t utilize RSS so much as previously, your RSS channel syndicates your podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music and most other podcast stages out there. Basically, your RSS channel is the thing that individuals are subscribing to when they subscribe to your podcast on any of these stages.  Your sustain is likewise what gives all your podcast data to these stages. So when you need to redesign your show’s title or portrayal, you need to upgrade it in your RSS channel. It can take up to 24 hours for any of the fields to overhaul on iTunes or different catalogs.

Utilizing your site

Yes, your podcast is a sound document, yet that doesn’t imply that you can’t score SEO focuses by utilizing your site and making it a beneficial goal for Google to send movement to. As SEO experts, we are continually attempting to draw in more put stock in connections to our locales. An incredible podcast is only one more kind of substance you can use to pull in those connections.

On the off chance that an essayist is taking a gander at your site and considering connecting to your podcast content, demonstrating them other legitimate locales where your substance has been highlighted can go about as a “social verification” that your substance is definitive, high caliber and dependable, and in this way worth connecting to. For example, you can demonstrate an “as observed on” segment on at any rate your landing page, yet ideally on each scene page — the way I do on my biohacking/lifehacking podcast, “The Optimized Geek.”

streamlined nerd screenshot

Another simple approach to help your range is to make supporting substance that you need to open web indexes to. A few cases of substance you can make are:

  • Scene depiction or recap
  • Demonstrate notes with timestamps
  • Transcript
  • Key takeaways
  • Agendas/worksheets
  • Scene craftsmanship

The transcript will be an especially message rich bit of substance to post to your site. Don’t simply cover the transcript, highlight it and present it pleasantly, so clients are more disposed to connect with it.

Every scene ought to have one of a kind scene craftsmanship so guests have something to stick on Pinterest. Observe my significant other’s show, “Stellar Life,” for a magnificent case of the utilization of scene workmanship:


At whatever point conceivable, give supporting substance that drives audience members to your site. For instance, on this scene of “The Optimized Geek,” I incorporated different photographs and recordings on the scene page of me at my visitor’s office frosty my butt off in the cryotherapy chamber and afterward snapping my teeth by doing what might as well be called a 350-pound seat push on the bioDensity machine.

Ensure each supporting substance piece has a human-accommodating URL, and incorporate the connection to each in your show notes. Remind your gathering of people that on the off chance that they’re utilizing the Podcasts application, they can without much of a stretch get to the show notes by tapping on the podcast fine art in the player. Include your bring in number and contact email to the highest point of your show notes so your audience members can connect with you too.

Reusing content

A hefty portion of the tips highlighted in this article were pulled from two or three scenes of my Marketing Speak podcast.  ( Incredibly Useful SEO Marketing Tips )

Taking existing substance and changing it into another piece is an awesome approach to use assets that you as of now need to help your power and enhance your positioning on particular points. You can take the substance from your podcast and transform it into articles, blog entries, infographics, slide introductions, recordings et cetera to get significantly more SEO incentive from the reused content.

That “other” web index: YouTube

YouTube, as you likely know, is the second most trafficked webpage on the web after Google, serving over a billion clients. While considering any SEO system, however with podcast content specifically, YouTube ought to dependably be a piece of your technique. Not exclusively is YouTube a tremendous web search tool in its own particular right, yet YouTube content every now and again shows up in the fundamental assortment of Google query items too.

There is no reason you can’t take your podcast recording and transform it into a YouTube video reasonably effortlessly. There are heaps of record converters and video altering programming which can make an interpretation of your sound documents into video. Truth be told, on the off chance that you have with Libsyn as I do, then you can utilize their inherent Publish to YouTube include (see screen shot). You can decide to either record real video of the podcast members as you do the podcast and utilize that video on YouTube, or overlay slides with your image, fascinating pictures, outlines that bolster what the podcast is examining at a specific time, and other contact data on top of the sound to make a video introduction.

Obviously, YouTube/video SEO is an entire theme unto itself, yet at the base, you ought to make an advanced title for your YouTube video, have an extraordinary portrayal that incorporates a connection to the show notes and scene page, and if conceivable, give your own particular interpretation of the podcast to supersede the YouTube auto-created transcript, which is loaded with blunders. Having a precise transcript your YouTube video isn’t quite recently useful for YouTube SEO, it’s incredible for the individuals who aren’t local English speakers since they can read the subtitles as your scene plays.

How promote your podcast for third party referencin

Another way how promote your podcasting can profit your general site design improvement endeavors is through pulling in connections. In the event that your podcast substance is fascinating, engaging, convincing, helpful et cetera, it might well draw in connections all alone, yet there are unquestionably different connections that you can seek after.

One of the most effortless might be to get a podcast visitor speaker to advance the podcast all alone site. In the event that somebody sets aside the opportunity to be met for your podcast, it’s very likely they will need individuals to hear that podcast scene. By facilitating the podcast’s scene page all alone site, notwithstanding syndicating it out on

well known media and how promote your podcast stages, you can give your visitors a characteristic place to connection to on your site.

One approach to expand your chances is to search for podcast visitors who may have a personal stake in advancing the scene since they will get a business advantage out of the expanded introduction. These might incorporate an organization discharging another item, maybe even somebody propelling their own podcast, or a writer advancing another book. Writers are an especially decent focus, as by and large when they discharge another book, they need any and each wellspring of advancement they can discover.

Ensure you converse with podcast visitors already about connecting back to you, and guarantee you follow up to ensure you really scored that connection. An extraordinary time to approach them for the connection to post to web-based social networking is promptly before you begin recording the meeting.

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